Providing Hope, Help & Guidance for Alzheimer’s

and Dementia Families

We can help….we have been there.

Connie and her daughters

Connie’s kids – Sally, Donna, Dave, Kate and Mary

A Place to Start offers all assistance and guidance at no cost to the family!

We aim to provide guidance to family caregivers by creating a personalized course of action for the care of your loved one.

In our experience, dementia is an ever-changing disease for your loved one and your family. There are always new issues, situations, and emotional support needs that arise. We want to help take some of the stress of the unknown away —-> let’s make a plan!

How can we help?

The journey is easier if you know where you are going……

A Place to Start will assemble a list of available resources that pertain to your specific needs such as….


Assisted Living Communities: A Place to Start will provide their services to ACCOMPANY you on tours of local assisted living communities for your loved one. (We have found this to be very helpful for families to guide them gently through this process.)

Help organize Medical and Legal Documents: Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Medication lists, Family and Emergency contact lists, etc.

• Help connect you with reputable local in-home care for your loved one.

• Introduce you to Adult Day Programs in your area.

• Help you find local support groups to attend.  A Place To Start offers monthly support groups (check our calendar!)

• Suggest books that help you understand what is happening to your loved one so you can be an informed caregiver. Suggest books that help provide information tools on Caregiver Wellness…..a very important piece of this journey.

• Sit down with families to listen, make a plan, and show you how you can live with this diagnosis and have some wonderful memories and moments with your loved ones!